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It is the natural right of each human being to be happy to escape all of the miseries of life. Joy is the normal condition, because natural as the landscapes and also the seasons. It is unnatural in order to suffer and it is only because of our own ignorance that we do endure. Happiness is the product associated with wisdom. To attain perfect knowledge, to comprehend fully the purpose of living, to realize completely the relationship associated with human beings to each other, is to stop all suffering, to escape each and every ill and evil which afflicts us. Perfect knowledge is unshadowed joy.

Why do some of us suffer in life? Because within the scheme of nature we have been being forced forward in development and we lack the religious illumination that alone may light the way and enable all of us to move safely among the hurdles that lie before all of us. Usually we do not even notice or suspect the presence of problems until it suddenly leaps with us has arrived like a concealed tiger. 1 day our family circle is total and happy. A week later on death has come and gone as well as joy is replaced with pain. Today we have a friend. The next day he will be an foe and we do not know why. A while ago we had wealth and material luxuries. There was a rapid change and now we have just poverty and misery yet we seek in vain for a reason why this should become. There was a time when we had into the strength; but they have each departed and no trace of the reason appears. Aside from these higher tragedies of life countless things of lesser result continually bring to us small miseries and minor heartaches. We most earnestly wish to avoid them but we in no way see them until these people strike us, until within the darkness of our ignorance all of us blunder upon them. The one thing we lack is the religious illumination that will enable all of us to look far and wide, finding the concealed causes of human suffering as well as revealing the method by which they might be avoided; and if we can however reach illumination the evolutionary journey can be made each comfortably and swiftly. It really is as though we must pass through a lengthy, dark room filled with home furniture promiscuously scattered about. Within the darkness our progress will be slow and painful as well as our bruises many. An excellent we could press a button that would switch on the electric light we could after that make the same journey rapidly and with perfect safety as well as comfort.

The old method of schooling was to store the mind along with as many facts, or expected facts, as could be gathered and to give a certain outside polish to the personality. The idea was that when a man was created he was a completed person and that all that could be low him was to load your pet up with information that would be used in combination with more or less skill, according to the indigenous ability he happened to be created with. The theosophical concept is that the physical man, and that constitutes his living in the physical world, is actually but a very partial appearance of the self; that within the ego of each there is virtually unlimited power and knowledge; that these may be brought via into expression in the actual physical world as the physical entire body and its invisible counterparts, that together constitute the complicated vehicle of the ego's outward exhibition, are evolved and modified to the purpose; and that within exact proportion that mindful effort is given to this kind of self-development will spiritual lighting be achieved and wisdom achieved. Thus the light that leads in order to happiness is kindled from inside and the evolutionary journey that every are making may be robbed associated with its suffering.

Why does demise bring misery? Chiefly since it separates us from all those we love. The only some other reason why death brings sadness or fear is because do not understand it and understand the part it plays within human evolution. But the second our ignorance gives method to comprehension such fear goes away and a serene happiness gets a place.

Why do we have foes from whose words or even acts we suffer? Simply because in our limited physical awareness we do not perceive the oneness of all life and understand that our wrong thinking as well as doing must react with us has arrived through other people a situation that there is no possible escape other than through ceasing to think bad and then patiently awaiting time when the causes we have currently generated are fully tired. When spiritual illumination arrives, and we no longer stumble within the night of ignorance, the last foe will disappear and we will make no more forever.

The reason why do people suffer from low income and disease? Only because of our own blundering ignorance that makes their own existence possible for us, and since we do not comprehend their which means and their lessons, nor be experts in the attitude to assume towards them. Had we however the wisdom to understand why these people come to people, why they may be necessary factors in their development, they would trouble us no more. When nature's lesson is actually fully learned these silence teachers will vanish.

And thus it is with all forms of struggling we experience. They are at the same time reactions from our not aware blunderings and instructors the period out the better way. Whenever we have comprehended the lessons these people teach they are no longer required and disappear. It is not through the outward acquirement of details that men become sensible and great. It is through developing the soul from inside until it illuminates the brain with this flood of light called professional.


In all putting on magnetism to persons, you might be urged to remember that your initial goal, always and preeminently, is an agreeable feeling inside their minds. You should never try to stimulate a person to act your way unless you have thoroughly established within him a good feeling towards yourself. This is the prime preliminary step. When such a problem has been secured, you are after that ready for the magnetic attack and then only. When you are coping with other people, endeavoring magnetically in order to win them to your want, you should summon the general magnet feeling within yourself, will certainly them to do as you wish, and at the same time think of them because already consenting and performing. Your inner condition ought to be perfectly calm, buoyant, optimistic, whatever the external means used, your mind should be concentrated on the thing desired, and its achievement should be thought of as now guaranteed. The response of the individual may be delayed, but this will not discourage you, for a few minds do not take recommendations (those of your unspoken will certainly are referred to) rapidly, and they do not act immediately upon their own thought. It really is invariably best to induce individuals to believe that they are acting on their own personal impulse or view; they should be made to feel completely free, not at all coerced, and they are doing their own will certainly rather than yours simply because they want so to do.


"In civilized living it has at last become feasible for large numbers of people to pass through the cradle to the grave without having had a pang of real fear. Many of us need a good attack of mental illness to teach us the meaning from the word. " William Adam.

We have all heard the apparently discriminating remarks that worry is normal and abnormal, which normal fear is to be considered to be a friend, while abnormal worry should be destroyed as an foe. The fact is that no self-proclaimed normal fear can be called which has not been obviously absent in some people who have experienced every cause therefor. In case you will run over human history in your head, or look about yes in the present life, you will find every now and then persons who, in situations or even before objects which really need, as any fearful soul will certainly insist, to inspire the sensation of at least normal self-protecting fear, are nevertheless totally without the feeling. They have every feeling and believed demanded except fear. The thought of self-preservation is as strongly existing as with the most abjectly fearful or terrified, but worry they do not know. This reckless awareness of fear suggesting circumstances may be due to several leads to. It may result from constitutional eye shadow, or from long carried on training or habituation, or even from religious ecstasy, or even from a perfectly calm feeling of spiritual selfhood that is unhurtable, or from the activity of very exalted cause. Whatever the explanation, the fact continues to be: the very causes which motivate fear in most of us, simply appeal, with such individuals, if at all. to the instinct associated with self-preservation and to reason, the actual thought-element of the soul that makes for personal peace as well as wholeness.

Banish all worry.

It is on such factors that I have come to hold that every real fear-feeling should and could be banished from our own life, and that what we call "normal fear" should be substituted within our language by "instinct" or even by "reason, " the actual element of fear being decreased altogether.

"Everyone can state that the psychical state known as fear consists of mental illustrations of certain painful results" (James). The mental illustrations may be very faint as such, however the idea of hurt to personal is surely present. If, after that, it can be profoundly believed that this real self cannot be harm; if the reason can be taken to consider vividly and believingly all quieting considerations; when the self can be held knowingly in the assurance that the White-colored Life surrounds the true personal, and is surely within which self, and will suffer "no evil to come nigh, inch while all the instincts associated with self preservation may be completely active, fear itself should be removed "as far since the east is from the to the west. "

preliminary study associated with fear.

Fear is (a) an impulse, (b) the habit, (c) a disease.

Worry, as it exists in guy, is a make-believe of state of mind, a creature of the creativity, a state of insanity.The division depends upon the idea of view. What is generally called normal fear ought to give place to reason, utilizing the word to cover instinct along with thought. From the correct viewpoint all fear is an bad so long as entertained.

Whatever the manifestations, wherever its obvious location, fear is a clairvoyant state, of course , reacting on the individual in several ways: because, in the nerves, in psychological moods, in a single impulse, within a chronic habit, in a completely unbalanced condition. The reaction offers always a good intention, which means, in each case, "Take care! Risk! " You will see that this is if you will look for a moment in three comprehensive kinds of worry fear of self, fear with regard to self, fear for others. Anxiety about self is indirectly worry for self danger. Worry for others signifies foresensed or even forepictured distress to personal because of anticipated misfortune in order to others. I often question whether, when we fear for some, it is distress to personal or hurt to them which is most emphatically in our believed.

Fear, then, is usually considered to be the soul's danger transmission. But the true signal is actually instinctive and thoughtful cause.

Even instinct and cause, acting as warning, might perform their duty unusually, or assume abnormal ratios. And then we have the feeling associated with fear. The normal warning is actually induced by actual risk apprehended by mind within a state of balance as well as self-control. Normal mind is definitely capable of such warning. You will find but two ways in which unsuspecting normal fear, acting within the guise of reason, might be annihilated: by the substitution associated with reason for fear, and by the actual assurance of the white living.

Let it be understood, right now, that by normal worry is here meant normal cause real fear being rejected place and function altogether. After that we may say that such activity of reason is a protector to man. It is, with vauge pain and weariness, the charity of the nature of points within us.

One person stated: "Tired? No such term in my house! " This cannot be a sound and healthful attitude. Weariness, at a specific stage of effort, is really a signal to stop work. Whenever one becomes so assimilated in labor as to shed consciousness of the feeling of weariness, he has issued a "hurry call" on death. I actually do not deny that the spirit may cultivate a elegant sense of buoyancy as well as power; rather do I desire you to seek that gorgeous condition; but I keep that when a belief or perhaps a hallucination refuses to permit you to listen to the warning of nerve fibres and muscles, Nature works disaster inevitably. Let us indicate the larger liberty which is joyously free to take advantage of everything Character may offer for correct well-being. There is a partial freedom which tries to realize by itself by denying various facts as real; there is a greater liberty which really knows itself by conceding this kind of realities as real and using or disusing all of them as occasion may require with the intention to the self at its greatest. I hold this to become true wisdom: to take advantage of every thing which evidently promises great to the self, without respect to this or that concept, and freely to use everything, material or immaterial, affordable or spiritual. I accept your science or your technique; but I beg in order to ignore your bondage in order to philosophy or to consistency. Therefore i say that to normal health the actual weary-sense is a rational control to replenish exhausted nerve fibres and muscles.

It is not freedom, it is not healthful, to state, "There is no pain! inch Pain does exist, anything you affirm, and your affirmation it does not is proof it does exist, for the reason why (and how) declare the actual nonexistence of that which really is nonexistent? But if you say, "As a matter of fact I have pain, however I am earnestly striving in order to ignore it, and to develop thought-health so that the cause of discomfort may be removed, " which is sane and beautiful. This is actually the commendable attitude of the Holy bible character who cried: "Lord, I believe; help thou my own unbelief. " To undertake swamping pain with a cloud associated with psychological fog that is to show anarchist against the good federal government of Nature. By discomfort Nature informs the individual he is somewhere out of order. This particular warning is normal. The feeling gets abnormal in the mind whenever imagination twangs the nerve fibres with reiterated irritation, and can, confused by the discord and also the psychic chaos, cowers as well as shivers with fear.

Worry does exist. But it is available in your life by your permission just, not because it is needful like a warning against "evil"

Fear is induced through unduly magnifying actual risk, or by conjuring upward fictitious dangers through too much and misdirected psychical responses. This also may be taken like a signal of danger, however it is a falsely-intentioned witness, for this is not needed, is aggressive to the individual because it poises self-control and it absorbs life's forces in useless as well as destructive work when they must be engaged in creating values.