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Advertising on Youtube & MySpace

Youtube & MySpace is an online community where users have the opportunity to create websites where others can view personal information about them and contact them. However, savvy Internet marketers have found Youtube & MySpace can also be used to advertise products or service or for the purpose of self promotion. Care should be taken to review the terms of use on Youtube & MySpace to ensure none of your actions are in violation of these terms but otherwise users can advertise either directly or indirectly on their Youtube & MySpace website.

Why Advertising on Youtube & MySpace is Effective

Advertising on Youtube & MySpace can be effective as long as it is done correctly and not in a way that is viewed as spam. The effectiveness of Youtube & MySpace stems from amount of users who are currently using Youtube & MySpace. This includes both members who place comments as well as nonmembers who only look at other websites. With so many daily visitors it is likely there will be visitors who are interested in the products or services you are offering on your Youtube & MySpace website.

Another reason why Youtube & MySpace is such an effective advertising tool is there are no fees associated with using your Youtube & MySpace profile to create links to your ecommerce website or to provide more information about the products and services you offer. The best way to effectively advertise on Youtube & MySpace is to follow the same guidelines that would normally be followed by advertisers in online locations. This includes knowing who your target audience is and how to effectively appeal to them. This is important because a marketing campaign which does not follow these simple rules will not likely be effective.

In addition to advertising within a Youtube & MySpace website there are also opportunities to advertise in the form of banner advertisements on Youtube & MySpace. Youtube & MySpace is able to not charge a fee to members because they generate their income through paid advertisements. Contact Youtube & MySpace administrators directly to learn more about these advertising opportunities.

Selling Products on Youtube & MySpace

Youtube & MySpace can be also be used to advertise products or services. This can be done either subtly or blatantly. Those who are active participants on Youtube & MySpace and invest time in meeting others and making friends are more likely to benefit from selling products or services through a Youtube & MySpace account. This is because most people who use Youtube & MySpace are not exactly looking for information about products or services so they are unlikely to seek out this information.

However, if they have online friends who are using their Youtube & MySpace account to promote a product or service they may see the advertisements and find the products or services interesting. In this case they may visit a link to an ecommerce website and consider making a purchase. However, care should be taken when advertising online. Links to your ecommerce website on your own profile are acceptable but placing comments with the same link on other members’ websites will likely be considered spam by both the other members and the Youtube & MySpace administrators.

Using Youtube & MySpace for Self Promotion

In addition to selling products and services, Youtube & MySpace websites can also be used for the purpose of self promotion. Models, actors and actresses, bands and other performers are all realizing the potential for self promotion which exists on Youtube & MySpace. Members of the community can include everything which may be useful to those who wish to hire them in the future. For example, models can include professional photos while bands can have their music playing on the website for visitors to enjoy. With so many people visiting Youtube & MySpace on a daily basis, it can be easy for members of the community to create quite a following for themselves.

Those on Youtube & MySpace should also be aware that industry executives are now dedicating staff members to comb Youtube & MySpace to try to find new talent on Youtube & MySpace. In fact more than one major recording company has admitted to having interns spend hours each day on Youtube & MySpace looking for exciting new artists.

Generating Traffic to Your Youtube & MySpace Website

Youtube & MySpace is an exciting online community where members can make new friends, reconnect with old friends, network or even find potential romantic partners. While there are some Youtube & MySpace members who join the community simply for the ability to stay in touch with their old friends and are not looking to make new friends. These members may keep their websites private to not allow other users to view their personal information and may not spend a great deal of time visiting public websites of other members. However, most Youtube & MySpace members are interested in making a great deal of friends online and are always looking to generate more traffic to their website.

Create an Interesting Youtube & MySpace Website

One of the simplest ways Youtube & MySpace members can generate increased traffic to their website is to create a website which is both aesthetically appealing and interesting to others. The aesthetic appeal of a website can greatly influence the amount of repeat traffic a Youtube & MySpace website receives. For example members who use garish colors and fonts which are too small or otherwise difficult to read may not receive repeat traffic even if the content of their website is very interesting and engaging. This is because other members may lose interest in the website quickly.

The other part of an excellent website design is interesting and intriguing content. A website which is aesthetically appealing may entice visitors to peruse the content but if it is simply not interesting and engaging the visitors are not likely to spend much time on the website and are also not likely to return. However, Youtube & MySpace members who fill their website with exciting content are likely to keep visitors interested. When visitors are interested in the content they are likely to return and also to encourage others to visit the website as well.

Visit Members’ Websites

Another way to generate increased traffic to your Youtube & MySpace website is by visiting the websites of other members. You can use the search feature to find other members who share your interests. By visiting their websites you will get a better idea of whether or not you are interested in being friends with these members. When you encounter other members you might be interested in meeting you can sent them an email or instant message commenting on their website and asking to be added to their network of friends. You can also suggest they visit your website as well. Those who make an effort to meet other members are likely to increase their own web site traffic.

Invite Friends to Your Youtube & MySpace Website

Finally, Youtube & MySpace members can generate additional traffic to their website by inviting others to visit them. They can speak directly to friends and family members and encourage them to view their website. Also, those who participate in other online communities such as message boards may include a link to their Youtube & MySpace website in their signature so those who want to learn more about them can visit their Youtube & MySpace profile.

Youtube & MySpace also has an invite feature which enables members to send messages to others to encourage them to start a Youtube & MySpace account. Members who have friends or family members who do not belong to the Youtube & MySpace community can send them one of these invitations to encourage them to participate. The invitation can include a link to the members Youtube & MySpace website to give the others an idea of what Youtube & MySpace really is.

Promoting Your Business on Youtube & MySpace

The question of whether or not Youtube & MySpace can be used to promote a business is certainly debatable. Youtube & MySpace is intended to be a non-commercial website by nature but there is a different between blatant commercialization and mentioning a product or service you offer and providing a link as a useful resource to visitors of your website. This article will take a look at the opportunities to promote a business on Youtube & MySpace by providing information on determining whether or not your method of business promotion is permitted on Youtube & MySpace and information on how to promote your business without being accused of spamming Youtube & MySpace.

Review the Terms of Service Carefully

The terms of service provided by Youtube & MySpace can provide the greatest insight into whether or not there are ways to promote your business through Youtube & MySpace. Members of Youtube & MySpace are asked to review the terms of service before becoming a member. Each member should carefully read through this entire agreement to come to a better understanding of which types of activities are allowed on Youtube & MySpace as well as which types of activities are prohibited.

One of the stipulations of the Youtube & MySpace reads as follows, “Non-commercial Use by Members. The Youtube & MySpace Services are for the personal use of Members only and may not be used in connection with any commercial endeavors except those that are specifically endorsed or approved by Youtube & MySpace.com. Illegal and/or unauthorized use of the Youtube & MySpace Services, including collecting usernames and/or email addresses of Members by electronic or other means for the purpose of sending unsolicited email or unauthorized framing of or linking to the Youtube & MySpace Website is prohibited. Commercial advertisements, affiliate links, and other forms of solicitation may be removed from Member profiles without notice and may result in termination of Membership privileges. Appropriate legal action will be taken for any illegal or unauthorized use of the Youtube & MySpace Services.”

This section of the terms of service stipulates that Youtube & MySpace is created for non-commercial use unless Youtube & MySpace.com has approved the use of a member’s website for commercial purposes. Therefore care should be taken when designing a Youtube & MySpace website to ensure the website will not be deemed to be a commercial website by Youtube & MySpace administrators.

When In Doubt, Ask Questions

Those who are unsure of whether or not their Youtube & MySpace website, as they have designed it, will be considered a commercial website should consult with Youtube & MySpace administrators. This step is not necessary unless the member is concerned their content will be perceived as being commercial. Reviewing the terms of use agreement can provide a great deal of information but some users may still be concerned with the possibility that their website will be penalized if the administrators deem it to be commercial in nature.

Contacting Youtube & MySpace is a fairly simple process. Members can use the, “Contact Youtube & MySpace” link from the Youtube & MySpace.com homepage. The contact page enables members to select a subject and a subtopic and submit this information. Once this is done Youtube & MySpace provides some preliminary information which may be relevant. If this information is not useful to the member they can email a detailed request to Youtube & MySpace.

Avoid Spamming at All Costs

If you determine there is an opportunity for you to promote your business through Youtube & MySpace, care should be taken to ensure the promotion does not cross the line into spam. Spamming is taken very seriously by the Youtube & MySpace administrators and it may result in links or content being deleted or the privileges of membership may be revoked when a member is found to be guilty of spamming.

Links to your ecommerce website integrated into your Youtube & MySpace website isn’t considered spamming. Depending on how it is used it may not even be considered advertising, and therefore prohibited, by Youtube & MySpace administrators. However, visiting other Youtube & MySpace websites and placing a link to your ecommerce website on each website you visit would be considered spam. These individuals may or may not be interested in the website you provide but even if they are interested sending these links to numerous websites unsolicited is often considered to be spam.

Sell Your Products on Youtube & MySpace

When most people think of Youtube & MySpace they believe it is merely a community for individuals to make friends or reconnect with old friends but Youtube & MySpace can offer more to savvy Internet marketers who know how to network effectively on Youtube & MySpace. Although Youtube & MySpace is intended to be a noncommercial community and commercial websites are strictly prohibited there are some opportunities to advertise and stimulate sales through Youtube & MySpace. This article will discuss the subject of advertising on Youtube & MySpace, the terms of service on Youtube & MySpace and how Youtube & MySpace members can avoid being viewed as dreaded spammers by other members of the community or by Youtube & MySpace administrators.

Advertising on Your Youtube & MySpace

According to the Youtube & MySpace mission statement, the community is meant to be a noncommercial one. However, this statement refers to the individuals’ pages created and maintained by members and not the website as a whole. In fact Youtube & MySpace is a commercial website with banner advertisements running on many of the pages and other advertisements appearing in sidebars and other locations. These advertising opportunities are open to the public and anyone who is interested in advertising in these areas is urged to contact Youtube & MySpace directly for more information. This type of advertising is worthwhile for business owners who have products or services which may appeal to the members of the community.

While advertising on individual websites on Youtube & MySpace is prohibited by the terms of service there is sometimes room to market products one ones website without violating the terms of service. Although many visitors to Youtube & MySpace have encountered websites which are blatant advertisements, this practice is not recommended because, if discovered by Youtube & MySpace administrators, it may lead to the individual being banned from the community. However, consider an example where a link to an ecommerce website selling sunglasses is placed in answer to a question of, “What is your favorite type of sunglasses?” The link certainly provides a relevant answer to the question and does allow visitors to the website to learn more about the member. Determining whether or not this is advertising or not is a matter for Youtube & MySpace to determine but it is likely they would not consider this advertising although those who follow the link might end up making a purchase.

Youtube & MySpace Terms of Service

The terms of service provided by Youtube & MySpace were created to offer members guidelines as to what types of actions are acceptable and what actions are prohibited. All members should read these terms of service before joining and should review the information periodically to ensure it has not changed significantly during the course of the membership. Members who have questions regarding the terms of service should contact Youtube & MySpace directly for more detailed information or an explanation of the terms.

Avoiding the Spam Pitfalls on Youtube & MySpace

We have already discussed how although commercial websites are prohibited on Youtube & MySpace there are some advertising opportunities which still exist. Youtube & MySpace reaches a large audience each day and this large audience might tempt some to try to advertise to all of these members and visitors at once. Unfortunately this sometimes can be construed as spam. Therefore, precautions should be taken to avoid actions which might be considered spam by other members or the Youtube & MySpace administrators.

As an example of the potential for spam consider a Youtube & MySpace member who is very excited about the cosmetics line they sell. This member might really believe in the products and think they are so wonderful that everyone should learn more about these products. However, if this user then begins systematically going through Youtube & MySpace searching for all users who mention anything even remotely related to cosmetics and then places a comment on their website directing them to a link to more information about these cosmetics this would likely be considered to be spam. The member may think their actions are harmless but the members who receive these comments and the Youtube & MySpace administrators may disagree.

The Pitfalls of Advertising on Youtube & MySpace

Many users of Youtube & MySpace tout the potential for advertising to be one of the most useful features of this online community. However, there are quite a few pitfalls to advertising on Youtube & MySpace. Most importantly those who advertise on Youtube & MySpace run the risk of finding themselves in violation of Youtube & MySpace’s terms of service and facing the consequences of these infractions. In addition advertising on Youtube & MySpace can appear very unprofessional to potential customers. Finally, those who advertise on Youtube & MySpace may become guilty of spamming. This article will take a look at these three advertising pitfalls and provide advice for avoiding these potential problems.

Violating the Terms of Service on Youtube & MySpace

One of the most serious potential problems with advertising on Youtube & MySpace is violating the terms of service outlined by the administrators of Youtube & MySpace. This is significant because members who are found to be in violation of these terms of service can have their websites deleted and may be banned from the community. The terms of service should be reviewed carefully to determine which types of activities, in relation to advertising, are permitted and which activities are prohibited. Special attention should be paid to the section of the terms of services which specifies member websites are not to be commercial in nature. It might be necessary to contact Youtube & MySpace directly for ask for clarification of this section and additional information on what constitutes a commercial website.

Appearing Unprofessional

Another potential pitfall to advertising on Youtube & MySpace is appearing unprofessional. Youtube & MySpace websites can be created very quickly and easily through available templates. This may result in some members becoming overly anxious to start advertising immediately. When this happens the members may be sloppy in their design and may create a website with many errors which does not present a professional appearance.

Additionally, Youtube & MySpace is a rather relaxed community where members often use slang or abbreviations haphazard. This practice can also create an unprofessional appearance which may alienate some potential clients. Also, Youtube & MySpace members must consider the comments left for them by other members of the community. The individual who maintains the website should understand the comments left for them are considered by others to be a reflection of them. Therefore those who do not think highly of the comments left on your website are not likely to think highly of you or your business either. For this reason care should be taken to maintain a lee of control over the comments left for you. This can be done either by not allowing comments at all or by only allowing comments that receive your approval to appear on your website.

Engaging in Spamming techniques

One of the most dangerous pitfalls those who advertise on Youtube & MySpace might encounter is spamming. Before advertising care should be taken to review Youtube & MySpace’s policy on spam to ensure the advertising techniques you are using are not considered to be spam by Youtube & MySpace. This is important because those who are found guilty of spamming may have their account and website deleted. They may even be banned from creating a new account in the future.

Also, potential customers are not likely to think highly of a business that they view as engaging in spamming techniques. These customers are likely to purchase products and services from other providers who they believe run a more honest marketing campaign. Spamming can therefore be a very costly mistake for business owners.

The Youtube & MySpace Phenomenon

These days it seems like anyone who is anyone is on Youtube & MySpace. In a short time Youtube & MySpace has literally exploded from just a few members to millions of members around the world. This astounding phenomenon has made Youtube & MySpace one of the most popular websites around and a virtual necessity for those who want to make friends through an online community or find old friends with whom they have lost contact. It has become one of the first places many Internet users turn when they want to learn more about someone in particular or make new friends.

A few years ago the term, “Google it” became synonymous for the practice of using a search engine to find more information about a particular person or subject. Internet users were using the term “Google it” even when they were using different search engines because the name Google had been branded so well it became somewhat of a generic term for search engine. Youtube & MySpace is well on its way to becoming the brand synonymous with online communities. Although there are other websites which offer similar services, Youtube & MySpace is quickly becoming the most dominant one.

Who is On Youtube & MySpace?

The answer to this question is just about everyone. While this answer is not nearly true it is also very appropriate. It is not nearly true because in terms of factual evidence, despite the large number of Youtube & MySpace members, there are still many more people in the world who do not participate in the Youtube & MySpace online community. However, an answer of everyone to this question is also fitting because individuals from different cultures around the world and different age groups are all using Youtube & MySpace.

Unlike online message boards and discussion forums where members are usually somewhat similar and share a particular interest, there are members who are vastly different in the Youtube & MySpace community. Youtube & MySpace members represent just about all nationalities, sexual orientations, financial levels, occupations, political beliefs, religions and other variables. While it is true that members who are vastly different may not be interacting to a tremendous extent on Youtube & MySpace there is certainly representation from all walks of life on Youtube & MySpace.

Youtube & MySpace Lurkers

We have already discussed the extent of members on Youtube & MySpace but the Youtube & MySpace community is really much larger than the membership of the website. It is important to note that members’ websites are viewable to the public unless they are specifically designated as private websites. This means many members’ websites can be viewed by those who do not join Youtube & MySpace. These individuals are known as lurkers and they effectively increase the size of the community by an immeasurable number.

Lurkers may be completely harmless individuals who are just looking to read about others but who have no interest in sharing their own personal information or they can be predators. The latter is more serious because these lurkers can use the information they find on Youtube & MySpace to stalk or otherwise harass members of their own community. Many members of Youtube & MySpace include both pictures and their hometown on their Youtube & MySpace profile. This information can be used, by unscrupulous predators, to gather more information about the individual. For this reason care should always be used when posting information on Youtube & MySpace.

Why Aren’t You on Youtube & MySpace?

If you aren’t on Youtube & MySpace, many of your friends may wonder why especially if they use this community. In fact many members of Youtube & MySpace join simply as a way to have fun and keep in touch with their friends and relatives. However, there are number of reasons some individuals may not join Youtube & MySpace. For many time constraints is a significant factor which leads them to avoid joining Youtube & MySpace. Youtube & MySpace can become somewhat addicting with members spending increasing amounts of time updating their website or searching for new friends in the community.

Others may not participate in Youtube & MySpace because they find some websites in the community to be offensive. There are guidelines regarding the types of materials which can be posted on Youtube & MySpace but there is always the potential for questionable materials to escape the attention of the Youtube & MySpace administrators. There is also the possibility that members will be offended by content that is permissible.