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High-definition Has Arrived

A while back, Fiat, Sharp, Canon and JVC announced the creation of your new high definition video common for video cameras - HDV. HDV utilizes MPEG-2 graphic compression with a definition of 1080 lines and a 16: on the lookout for aspect ratio. Shortly after that will, Sony opened the door to be able to high definition by creating the 1st HDV camcorder, the HDR-FX1. This release was in par with the launch in the first DV camcorder inside 1995, which at the time must have been a giant step forward for graphic quality, marking the split from traditional analog. At that time, consumers were moving from your Hi8 format to DV, which featured much better graphic quality, along with the ability to exchange to a computer without any wreckage of signal. With HDV, the resolution of video cameras can be doubled, from 576 lines to 1080. The particular compression method is no longer DV, but MPEG 2 as an alternative.

HDV exists in a couple of formats - 1080i (interlaced) and 720p (progressive). Together with interlaced, the video camera information 1080 lines in interlaced images, which is half photos of 540 lines each and every that are displayed 60 periods per second. With 720 progressive, the video camera information 720 lines in modern images, which are full photos that are displayed 30 periods per second. Sony decided to use 1080i on the HDR-FX1, where JVC chose to make use of 720p for the GR-HD1, which can be sold only in NTSC format in the USA and Asia.

The progressive mode structure requires a television set that helps it, while interlaced function is the natural scan function that televisions use. The particular question today is which usually of the two formats provide the best image quality. Together with several high definition video cameras currently available, the question of graphic quality all depends on the digicam and features, along with your tv set or method of play backside. All high definition video cameras are crazy in quality and play-back, which is why they have become a popular choice is such a small amount of time.

Together with Sony, JVC, and Rule continuing to develop HDV, you realize the technology will always get better and better. While high definition first hit the market, it absolutely was an instant success. With the use of HDV, camcorders permit you to do what you never can before. If you like to record treasured memories, a high definition wireless camera is just what you need. They are extremely handy to have around, and several out there these days to select from - all you need to carry out is pick the best one particular for you.

Canon XLH1

In September 18 of august 2005, Canon broke new surface in the digital video camera market, announcing the XL H1, which was Canon's first DVC featuring high definition. Originally produced based on the needs of specialist and enthusiast videographers, the particular XL H1 retains the particular operability of Canon's popular XL2 while increasing the particular professional function and helping high definition recording. The range topping DVC for the company regarding Canon, the XL H1 is ideal for use all across the particular spectrum of professional articles making, from film and also television production to filming weddings. The XL H1 also comes equipped with a HIGH-DEFINITION 20X zoom video contact lens, the XL 5. 4-108 mm L IS 2, which contributes to Canon's improvement aim of delivering the highest possible top quality of recording available today. Since Canon's first HD video digicam, the XL H1 cam corder and 20X HD video contact lens will provide broadcasters with a low quality 1080i resolution option regarding ENG, documentary or even actuality television productions. Film tends to make will also fall for the considerable Cine controls and twenty-four frame rate option the particular XL H1 has to offer. Canon's custom jackpack features contain uncompressed digital HD-SDI result for seamless integration directly into broadcast studios or good quality image transfer to not linear editing systems. The particular genlock feature will allow video sets to easily synchronize digicam settings across multiple video cameras and SMPTE time unique codes will allow for streamlined tape and also edit management. The XL H1 also offers three 1/4 inch 1 . 67 mega-pixel interlaced CCDs that record images at 1080i image resolution. It also features selectable body rates of 50i and also 25F, so capturing quickly motion and just about the rest is possible with the XL H1.


At first seem, the JVC HD100 seems like any other high definition camera using a lot of switches, dials, and also places to plug in peripherals. In operation, it functions as an old regular video camera. A person really need to do anything special to produce a high definition recording, just push a button - although there are distinctions. One of the things that makes this digicam so nice and unique will be the amount of control you have above pretty much everything you record. JVC really outdone themselves in this article, as you can record all of your options on a SD memory card and also save them to move on to one more JCV camera, which will save a lot of time. Another amazing characteristic enables the video camera to be able to automatically record to a drive while at the same time recording to a mp3. Recording directly to a hard push will save you a lot of time in the enhancing process, as you can immediately choose your video without having to record tape to your computer, that may only be done in real time. Amazingly enough, the camera is quite easy to use either mounted on any tripod or on your shoulder joint. The shoulder pad is actually a nice addition, being heavily padded. To make things better yet, the camera is very mild. When it comes to the quality, the GY-HD100 needs to be seen to be thought. HD video is intended to look just like real life. There is an extended greyish scale, a heightened sense regarding color - and the ending detail is simply incredible. HIGH-DEFINITION at this incredible level provides 720 X 1028 collections of progressive video, meaning the video is shot in a entire frame at a time. Furthermore, it can be recorded at twenty-four or even 30 frames per second. The particular 24 fps resembles motion picture and if you plan to convert to be able to film, it's a great way to be able to shoot - as you can quickly go directly to film. The particular 30 fps has a lot more data per second, while not appropriate for making a film job. If you want to experience HD without having to pay out over 70, 000$, then a JCV GY-HD100 is more than well worth your time and money. Although it doesn't record uncompressed Hd-video, it does record a picture that may be far superior to the standard photo you get with an average each day camera. HD is swiftly becoming the future, and with the GY-HD100 - its here and now.

Panasonic AG-HVX200

The Panasonic AG-HVX200 is a handheld HD p2 camera recorder that's built to meet the emerging needs requires in HD content generation. The camera debuts and also remains Panasonic's first Hd-video product to use P2, the particular cutting edge memory recording unit that has the potential to transform the entire production paradigm. The particular AG-HVX200 can record HIGH-DEFINITION, in either 1080i or perhaps 720p video acquired by the new optical system and also high performance digital signal cpu onto a P2 credit card using the broadcasting DVCPRO HIGH-DEFINITION codec. This very method achieves a level of graphic quality that conventional mobile HD cameras simply aren't match, while also helping HD/SD multi-format and variable codec recording capabilities. The particular visual frame rate saving is just one of the many features that produces this camera so extremely unique in its class. By making use of technology that makes the Panasonic VariCam camera a favorite inside movie production, this strong function will allow the overcranking techniques used with film video cameras to create fast motion and also slow motion effects. The P2 card offers you superb stability, immediate playback, and awesome cost performance. It will also enable direct connection to other enhancing systems and streamlines manufacturing work flow, by providing for the editing system data files all set to be edited, rather than a video clip tape that would require the particular tedious task of embroidery. On top of all the advanced capabilities and technology, the Panasonic AG-HVX200 inherits the sophisticated design and easy operation that will seperates it from the relaxation. With the AG-HVX200 HD digicam, professionals of all kinds will find an excellent tool to help them create and also bring their creations to our lives - helping them attain things they may have never regarded as possible.

Sony BRC-H700

The particular Sony BRC-H700 high definition wireless camera is designed for a variety of remote obtain applications, especially in television generation for recording programs and then for use as a weather as well as traffic camera. The PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) digicam can display images on a large screen in auditoriums, teaching hospitals, sporting events, trade events, and even concerts. This product is also ideal for distance learning software in which clear high definition photos need to be projected onto digital white boards during a demonstration or other function. The particular Sony BRC-H700 also capabilities three 1/3 inch HIGH-DEFINITION CCDs with 1 . 3 years ago megapixels, delivers accurate shade reproduction, and is ideal for taking photos or videos in little light environments. The BRC-H700 includes a wide pan range of 340 degrees and a tilt variety of 120 degrees. Both the griddle and tilt speeds are usually variable within the range of. twenty-five to 60 degrees an additional, so the camera can record both fast and sluggish moving objects with nominal rocking vibration. The digicam also includes a 12X dvd auto focus zooming lens, that enables for a zoom capability of around 48X when used in in an alloy with the 4X digital zoom lens. You can also control the BRC-H700 by external devices such as the optional RM-BR300 remote device via Sony's VISCA standard protocol. Local controls such as PTZ settings and any of the of sixteen presets can easily be accessed. The particular BRC-H700 has a card position that accepts a variety of recommended interface cards, including the HD-SDI, SD/SD, i. Link, and also connections for use with computers.

Additional features include an image turn function for installation overall flexibility on ceilings or additional flat surfaces and up to be able to 16 presets for detailed ease of use.